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  1. A small housekeeping comment. In the video presentation, the SPY put and SLQD buy instructions appear the associated Order Entry worksheet, but when I look at the online worksheet directly, the instruction field is empty. Could you please correct?

  2. I have to say I was also a little perplexed with so many warnings about duration, high supply and unattractive premia that you added TLT. Is it because it’s only a small position at an attractive price/technical level that could even coincide with rates topping out? I don’t think you discussed the reason for relocating some capital from TIP to TLT in that week’s episode, only flagged the intention. Actually, I only realized you added it a couple of days ago (my bad). Thanks.

    1. It might be out a tiny bit because of settlements and dividends. As it says in the file: look at the broker statement for exact figures.

  3. What is the post tax return of your positions last 12 months, based upon the frequency of your trades? Assuming fully taxable account?

    1. I have absolutely no idea. I can post you what IB sent me for 2023 and you can calculate it yourself. Do you want it? Send me an email.

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